NJICL Coaches’ Resources

National Resources

NICA Coaches’ Resources – lots of good stuff, worth a browse over a coffee by the fire this winter
NICA Coach Licensing Overview – including links to webinars and tests
NICA Team Starter Kit
Insurance Overview and FAQs
NICA Resources Website
NICA Webinars
NICA Coaches’ Store
NICA Coach Benefits & Discounts
SingleTrack High, 1 Hour Feature Movie, all about why we do what we do

Rules & Manuals

NICA Rulebook, 2016-17
NNJ Middle School Program Guide
NICA Coach Manual ($34.95)

Student-Athlete Resources

Athlete Rule Overview (1 pager)
Parts Bin & Gear Exchange
Pre-Ride Bike Checklist
Race-Day Checklist

NJICL Forms & Resources

Online Incident Report Submission Form  |  Paper Incident Report PDF Form (email to incidents@nationalmtb.org)
Jersey Design Guidelines (IMPORTANT: NJ allows sponsor name on jersey side panel)
Loaner Bike Agreement
Middle-School Category Designation
NJ League Logo Files (.png for web, .ai for print)
Participation Agreement and Liability Waiver Form
Petition Form (to change category placement for High School student-athletes)
Pre-Season Activity Approval Form
Pre-Workout Bike Checklist
Scholarship Application Form
School Admin Presentation
Team Graphic Guide
Team Flier Template (use PowerPoint to customize)

Finance, Sponsors, Discounts

How to Apply for Team Bank Account
Obtaining Tax-Deductible Non-Profit Status for your Team (Partnership for Community Health)
2017 Season NJICL Fees
Team Snap ‘First Year Free’ Offer
Athletic Event Supply (tents, flags, etc.) Discount Form | Team Package Flier