Charitable Donations…It’s That Time of Year…(Always)!

Did you see the replay, or real time footage of an NFL running back jumping INTO the end-zone Salvation Army kettle? As a part of an unsanctioned touchdown celebration that leap brought attention, a fine, and I am sure additional donation dollars to the charity.

While NICA may not (yet) have the national TV presence of the NFL, those who have seen the real-world, positive life changes that NICA can bring to a student-athlete cannot help to wish for the continued growth and sustainability of the program.

Last week, we had an unexpected donation from an individual. While that in-itself is not unique, the manner that this donation came to NICA was. Earlier this year NICA NJ was proud to accept a generous donation from the New Jersey based Enterprise Rental Car Fleet Division.

When a company donates, that action confirms and validates that others also recognize the difference our program makes. When an individual makes such a commitment we are honored!

Enterprise, like many other companies welcome their employees to donate regularly to charities of their choice. Often the donation is handled weekly, in direct deposit fashion through payroll services. If the charitable organization has a valid and current 501(c)(3) status, most employers allow for the donations to be directed to an employee’s charity of choice.

While he remains semi-anonymous, we would like to thank and reach out personally to NICA’s newest supporter from Enterprise, (Korey), for his personal donation, and also to Enterprise for their matching contribution. Korey, we are honored that you personally support NICA and the student athletes that we represent!

So, it is that time of year! Please look no further to see where you can help and make a difference. Talk to friends, colleagues, associates, family and share the NICA story. By supporting NICA, you make a difference in the lives of student-athletes. That difference is direct, in real time, and within New Jersey communities, supporting local student-athletes!

We would be HONORED with your support!

For more information and to receive the 501(c)(3) paperwork please contact David Kahl or Tom Kruse. To make a one-time donation, please click HERE.


Happy Holidays to You and Yours!

All the Best – David Kahl – Vice President, Development, NJICL