Welcome NJ NICA Coaches!

Thank you for joining the NJICL family, we really appreciate our coaches and consider you the backbone of our organization. You are how we fulfill our vision: To enable every New Jersey teen to strengthen body, mind and character in the most equal and inclusive way through the life-long sport of cycling. 

Which path is right for you?

Join an existing Team

If you’re interested in joining an existing team, we recommend that you check out our interactive team map, to see if there is a team in an area that’s geographically convenient for you. You can also always email us and inquire about teams in a particular area.

Start a Team

Interested in starting a team? Congratulations, we’re here to help! You can check out the many resource available below for some bakground information. For additional help with starting a team, feel free to contact our League Director Ken Seebeck.

Not sure

You know you want to get involved in a hands-on coaching role, but are not sure which role is right for you? That’s cool too! We still suggest that you contact us for more info, join us on our monthly conference calls, and definitely sign up for our e-newsletters.

Stay Connected

No matter which path you choose, we encourage you to stay connected with the NJICL coaching community by signing up for the following communication resources:

Electronic Newsletter
Google Group for NJ Coaches
Like us on Facebook

Thank you for your interest, we look forward to working with you in building a successful and enduring New Jersey NICA league.

Your Coach Supporter team –
Fred Brown
Robin Dunn
Kathi Krause
Larry Towner