Girls Riding Together

GRiT is a mountain bike program for female student-athletes and coaches

GRiT is an empowering and fun biking culture for girls in middle school and high school, as well as women of all ages. It includes skill development, a safe and fun riding environment, and opportunities to ride together and meet other women who want to share their passion for mountain biking.  Mountain biking is a safe, fun, and confidence-building experience for girls and women that also promotes fitness, as well as a sense of adventure and achievement.

What does the NICA GRiT program offer?

  • GRiT Fall Crank Up series
  • girls-only skills sessions
  • all female bike repair clinics
  • social rides for female student-athletes and adult mentors throughout the season
  • GRiT events at races under the GRiT tent
  • MOBS (Moms on Bikes) clinics
  • Other community events that foster engagement and interaction.

Who can join?

  • The GRiT program is open to all female student-athletes and coaches currently registered with a NJ NICA team
  • Any girl in grades 6-12 who registers directly through the GRiT program for clinics and events (available on Eventbrite)
  • Women 18+ are needed to mentor and coach female riders — We are always looking for female mentors!

When are GRiT events?

GRiT activities are scheduled throughout the NICA season (December – June),  pre-season (October & November), and optional summer camps.

There are several events scheduled this fall in our GRiT Crank Up series.

Join us for GRiT Fest November 21, 2021 at Allaire State Park Group Campsite

How do I sign up?

You can registered for a GRiT Crank Up ride on Eventbrite.

Contact the NJ GRiT Coordinator via for more information about GRiT programs and opportunities to join the NICA community.

Can I follow NJ GRiT?

We are on Facebook, Instagram, and Strava (but only for registered female athletes and mentors/coaches/moms)

GRiT Program History in NJ

The New Jersey GRiT program began in 2016 as NJ Girls Rock, under the coordination of Kathi Krause of Dirt Rock N Root Training to help promote the participation of young women in the mountain biking community and the NJ NICA league, which formed the same year.  In 2018, NICA National launched the NICA Girls Riding Together (GRiT) initiative, and NJ Girls Rock became NICA GRiT NJ. Watch the original launch video below: