Teen Trail Corps (TTC)

The New Jersey Teen Trail Corp (TTC) program provides student-athletes, coaches, and teams opportunities to get involved in bike and trail advocacy in their communities. As mountain bikers, and outdoor enthusiasts in general, we believe in the importance of giving back in order to serve and protect the places we love to play. We also believe that volunteering to better the environment is instrumental in positive character development, so we are committed to providing avenues for our NJICL family to get involved. In 2019 we began asking coaches to track their TTC bike and trail advocacy hours in the NICA Pit Zone so we could better understand the impact of this program; watching the numbers grow each year has been incredibly rewarding!

In 2021, NJ teams logged a collective 482 hours spread across 24 trail locations, a 28% increase over 2020’s 375 hours! We want to see that same level of increase this season and we have set a goal for 2022 to log over 600 hours!  

Also, to recognize folks for their hard work we’re rounding up some rad prizes for the top student-athletes, as well as the top team, that log the most TTC hours in 2022*.

*TTC hours from July 1, 2021 until June 1, 2022 are counted towards the 2022 season.





Teen Trail Corp Captain Program

Teen Trail Corps is a program, supported by REI and the Walton Family Foundation, that provides NICA student-athletes the opportunity to serve and give their time towards bike related advocacy activities. It is designed to provide exposure and be a gateway for NICA student-athletes into the world of advocacy.

Student-athlete activities are categorized into five badges that may be earned. The first four are Speak, Serve, Ride and Respect. Once a student-athlete has earned all four, they receive the fifth badge, “Teen Trail Corps Captain.”

NICA envisions a future where NICA student-athletes are advocating for and making a significant impact on our cycling environment.

For more information click HERE or contact: Jon Olson at jon@newjerseymtb.org

 Badge descriptions on the NICA National Page:







NJICL Adopt-a-Trail Program

Coming Soon!


New Jersey Trail Advocacy Groups


The Jersey Off Road Bicycle Association, founded in 1999, is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization which is dedicated to serving off road cyclists as a member of equal standing within the trail user community. Our focus is to build and maintain sustainable multi-use trails, organize and encourage volunteerism and responsibility, and advocate and foster mountain biking as a healthy, environmentally sound, and sustainable activity.


We are Palisades MTB, a group of cycling enthusiasts with our sights set on establishing spectacular mountain bike trails in the Palisades Region. Mountain biking is currently not available in the vast majority of beautiful parks in Orange, Rockland and Bergen Counties.  In March 2015 we formed Palisades MTB to change that. As a chapter of JORBA & IMBA (International Mountain Bike Association) we are working with other user groups to petition park managers for trail access.

Allaire Trail Users Group (ATUG)

As a JORBA Chapter, ATUG’s mission is to maintain the multi-use trails of Allaire State Park for all users using IMBA’s sustainable trail science.  Any user of the trails (mountain bikers, horseback riders, hikers) and other concerned parties who are willing to put forth the effort, commitment, and patience required to support this effort are welcome.  Your commitment as a volunteer is needed to support this program. ATUG works on a monthly basis between March and October to build and maintain the multi-use trails of Allaire State Park. In some cases, trails are re-routed to better utilize the terrain needs and to minimize user impact.