Program Cost Overview

For our student-athletes: We offer an All-Access Pass, available for a single flat fee of $300. This fee covers the full season of participation, including NICA national registration, NJICL league registration, insurance coverage for local team practices and NJICL events, five pro-caliber spring races, an expanded loaner bike program, adventure rides on race weekends, a separate adventure weekend event, Teen Trail Corps activities, GRiT events, professional NJICL year-round staff, and much more. Every registered student-athlete will be issued a number plate and they do not need to register separately for events or races… they can just show up. An important note for parents or guardians: Under our new Volunteer Payback Program, you can earn up to a $75 refund off the registration fee by volunteering for the league.

For our coaches: (or any level 1 volunteer or adult working with student-athletes on a team) league registration fee will be $25, and your background check will cost $38 for first year coaches, and $11 for renewing coaches. The background check is provided by a third-party provider contracted by NICA National.

The Team registration fee will remain at $250; however, by having at least one person attend the NJICL Leaders’ Summit event, and one member of the leadership team certified level 3, the team registration fee is cut in half, to $125. First-year teams will qualify for the 50% discount if one coach attends the summit and a member of the leadership team is actively pursuing level 3.

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1 – What is the cost of the NJICL All-Access Pass?
The cost of the NJICL All-Access Pass is $300 per student-athlete. We offer needs-based scholarships, and a ‘same-as-cash’ payment plan offered by PayPal Credit. For more information, see the FAQs below, or click on the PayPal link above to request an invoice.

2 – Why did the “per event” fee structure change?
The NJICL has grown enormously and now offers student-athletes a truly comprehensive mountain biking experience that is much more than just the race series. Relying largely on individual race-event registrations was not a sustainable funding model to support long-term growth of the organization, especially in light of increasing costs and the loss of NICA start-up grants in 2020. The NJICL leadership and advisory board determined that to ensure the long-term success of the league, a more stable and predictable funding model was needed. Also, the administrative burden of managing registrations for each race and other events takes NJICL staff away from other league development activities. Many other NICA state leagues have already moved to a similar fee model or are in the process of doing so. We continue to rely almost exclusively on volunteers (coaches and core staff) to bring you a broad array of programming, that we believe continues to be one of the best deals around in youth sports.

3 – What does my NJICL All-Access Pass registration fee cover?
Your NJICL All-Access Pass covers the full season of participation including the following (with approximate value of each):

  • NICA National Registration ($40)
  • NJICL League Registration ($55)
  • Rider and Coach Insurance Coverage for local team practices and NJICL events ($25)
  • 5 Professional-Caliber Spring Races ($150+)
  • Expanded Loaner Bike Program ($75+)
  • Adventure Rides on Race Weekends ($75)
  • Adventure Weekend Events ($75)
  • Summer Camp Discount ($100+)
  • Teen Trail Corps Activities
  • GRiT Events
  • Professional NJICL Year-Round Staff
  • Professional Skills Training

Every registered student-athlete will be issued a number plate and you do not need to register separately for events or races.

4 – Does the All-Access Pass cover NJICL summer camps?
No. Special NJICL summer camps are not included in the All-Access Pass and will require separate registration fees. However, all student-athletes who participated in the league in the preceding spring will be eligible for a 10% discount for summer camps offered by the NJICL.

5 – Does the NJICL All-Access Pass cover “Adventure” activities and events?
Yes, the All-Access Pass covers both the special adventure weekend event and all adventure rides on NJICL season race weekends (usually on Saturdays).

6 – Does my NJICL registration cover the national NICA registration fee too?
Yes, the NICA fee (currently $40) is included in the flat-fee NJICL All-Access Pass.

7 – Does my NJICL registration cover local team fees/dues?
No, team fees/dues are separate from your NJICL/NICA registration and are set at the discretion of your local team. Team fees typically cover administrative costs for the team, team gear, team kit (uniform), etc. Your team will communicate its costs to you directly.

8 – Do I have to pay the NJICL/NICA registration for my child to participate with a local team?
Yes. Local teams operate under the jurisdiction of NICA and NJICL and get their insurance, etc., from being part of the state and national organization. Athletes on local teams must be fully current with all state and national league registrations (i.e. ‘Practice Ready’ in the NICA PitZone) in order to participate.

9 – Is there a way for my child to try this out before committing?
Yes. Many local teams offer pre-season “Try-it-out” events for prospective athletes and future coaches. Also, at the local team’s discretion, athletes may also be able to participate in one actual team practice. Either option requires a parent or guardian to sign an insurance waiver. Due to the requirements of our national insurance plan, this waiver can only be used on one occasion. To continue after that, the student must have their registration current.

10 – If my child decides this is not for them, are there refunds?
We realize that mountain biking is a new sport for many, and folks may be concerned that their child may not stick with it. While our experience is that students love the experience and teams have very low drop-out, if first-time student-athletes (athletes in their first season of riding with NJICL) wish to withdraw on or before March 31, 2021, your total registration cost will be reduced to $150 ($110 to NJICL + $40 to NICA). Note, this offer does not include any applicable team fees. Refunds will be issued after April 1 of the registration year.

11 – Can I reduce my participation cost by volunteering for the NJICL?
Yes, we are stoked to introduce our Volunteer Payback program on a trial basis. We are in the process of developing the program, and will disseminate procedures prior to the race series announcement.

12 – Are scholarships available?
We are aware of the financial burden which youth sports can have on a family and do not want finances to be a barrier to joining our community. We will continue offering scholarships thanks to our amazing sponsors and individual donors. Our scholarship process is simple and confidential, please visit the Scholarship page for more information.

13 – How do I take advantage of the ‘Six Months Same as Cash Payment Plan’ through PayPal Credit?
The Six Month Payment Plan offered by PayPal Credit is a line of credit requiring minimum monthly payments; interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date if the balance is not paid in full within 6 months. This offer is subject to credit approval and requires you to have a PayPal account.

First, register through the NICA PitZone (your Team Director will send you a registration link, independent riders should email, and choose ‘Pay by Check’. Once you are registered in PitZone, click the ‘Pay Now’ button below, or contact us to request a PayPal Invoice via email. Once you log into PayPal, choose ‘PayPal Credit’ in PayPal checkout, and they will determine if you qualify for the six months same as cash (“no interest if paid in full in six months”) offer and you’re all set! It is vitally important that if you use PayPal you also include the name of your student-athlete in the notes section so that we can properly process the PayPal payment for you.

Initiate Payment through PayPal:

14 – Do you offer payment plans if I don’t want to go through PayPal Credit?
Yes, we offer a “layaway style” payment option. Select “pay by check” when you check out on the NJICL Pit Zone, and then email us to request a PayPal Invoice. Upon receipt of the invoice, you will be able to make your payment in installments at the pace you desire. There is no added cost for this, but your student-athlete is not considered “practice-ready” until their league registration is paid in full.