R&R Truck Maintenance joins NJICL Sponors

The New Jersey Interscholastic Cycling League (NJICL) would like to welcome R&R Truck Maintenance as a league sponsor for the 2018 racing season! Their support is provided by Mike Debruin, who’s father, Ralph died, March 9th, 2017, following a tough fight with cancer.

Mike is an avid cyclist,who races across 3 disciplines: mountain biking, cyclocross and road. It would be a good bet, that if NJICL existed when Mike was a kid, he and his dad would have figured out a way to make time to race bicycles, in between their passion for motorized racing. Below is an inspiring tribute and memory from Mike about his dad and their times together and why the NJICL is a program that Mike has chosen to support so strongly:

“My dad and his partner opened R&R in 1992. In 2004 his partner retired, and my dad became solo owner. My dad kept it old school, via word of mouth, and never really did any advertising. He worked long nights and was the most knowledgeable mechanic people trusted. One of his favorite phrases was “the good thing about doing the impossible, you have no competition.”  He would always take on a job regardless (of how hard it may have been) and he would get it done, even after many others failed.

At the (race car) track he was the first guy to start working on a competitor’s car, loan out parts or tools…whatever he could do, even if it meant he got beat by them at the next race. He started me in junior dragsters when I was 10, and for the next 7 years we traveled all over the east coast racing. He loved racing, but he really enjoyed helping people learn and watching them race. For example, watching me win was better for him than (wining himself).

That’s really why I wanted to do this for the NJICL. Sure, it’s not drag racing, but it’s still the spirit that he stood by. He had a lot of success racing, winning a track championship and a few big money races ($10,000). He was by far the most respected and loved guy at work and at the track. People are still dedicating their wins to him”!

From everyone at the NJICL, we want to extend our gratitude for your generosity. Thank you R&R Truck Maintenance and thank you Mike!